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The boss of Tesla Motors, Mr. Elon Musk, has contacted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong over the issue of a Tesla S model's tax surcharge in Singapore.

08 Mar 2016 | Local News : Singapore

Mr. Elon Musk, the boss of U.S.A electric car maker Tesla Motors, has contacted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong over the case of a Tesla sedan that was taxed with a carbon surcharge in Singapore, reported The Straits Times

He did so just hours after news broke of a Model S owner-importer having to fork out an additional $15,000 in taxes, based on its performance in a carbon emissions test. In several countries, the car qualifies for tax breaks.

In a tweet last Friday evening, Mr. Musk said he had spoken to PM Lee, and "he said he would investigate the situation".

A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office confirmed that the conversation took place, and said various agencies were looking into it. However, she said it was too early to say how things would pan out.

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