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Mazda has announced that the CX-3 has begun production at the Hofu First Plant in Japan, which will strengthen its vehicle supply system to meet global demand.

18 Dec 2016 | International News : Japan

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that it began production of the CX-3 at the Hofu First Plant in Japan on 15th December. By doing so, it strengthens its vehicle supply system to meet the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) demand, which will increase globally.

The CX-3 is currently manufactured at the Ujina No. 1 factory, which began production in December 2014, and AutoAlliance Thailand, which began production in October 2015.

By producing the CX-3 - which began production at Ujina No.1 factory - at the Hofu factory, Mazda will be better able to increase the vehicle supply capacity of its CX-5 and CX-9, both of which are also produced at the Ujina factory.

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