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The Consumers Association of Singapore has launched a SAFE Checklist in light of the high number of complaints regarding car defects on pre-owned cars.

19 Mar 2017 | Local News : Singapore

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) launched the Standard and Functional Evaluation (SAFE) Checklist for the purchase of pre-owned cars at the Motoring & You Roadshow on 16th March 2017. CASE developed the SAFE Checklist to remind consumers to equip themselves with the knowledge on the parts of the car they should check with the dealer, as well as the importance of getting an independent and comprehensive evaluation, before they make their purchase.

Disputes regarding pre-owned car defects can be difficult to resolve due to difficulty in establishing the condition of the pre-owned car at the point of purchase. Under the Lemon Law, if any defect is found within six months of the delivery of the car, the onus is on the dealer to prove that the car was not defective at the time of delivery. The SAFE Checklist guides consumers and car dealers to undertake a thorough inspection and evaluation of a pre-owned car before the purchase is made.

In view of the complaints received, the SAFE Checklist was developed in consultation with multiple stakeholders in the motoring industry, such as the Singapore Vehicle Traders Association (SVTA), VICOM Ltd, STA Inspection Pte Ltd and the Automobile Association of Singapore. The SAFE Checklist is an updated and more comprehensive version of the one distributed to SVTA members in 2012, and is available for download at the CASE and sgCarMart websites.

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