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Seat and Orange have joined forces to promote the development and use of new entertainment services that enhance the experience of vehicle occupants.

13 Feb 2018 | International News : Spain

Seat and Orange Spain have signed an agreement today that aims to promote new advances in the development and use of the connected car, as well as lay the groundwork for joint collaboration in several different areas of work.

In this sense, the agreement focuses on three main lines of action - to improve the experience of vehicle occupants by developing connected car innovations, offer the digital home or office experience to car users, and implement a loyalty programme that promotes the frequent use of new connectivity and mobility solutions they launch onto the market.

A prominent initiative regarding vehicle digitisation carried out through this collaboration will be the launch of a project that seeks solutions geared at turning the vehicle into the user's second digital home. The goal is that both driver and occupants can integrate some of their daily activities in the safest and most efficient way while in the car. In addition, both will work on providing leisure and entertainment services that drivers and passengers can enjoy, so they can have the best digital experience anytime, anywhere.
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