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Grab has announced the addition of 200 new Hyundai Kona Electric vehicles to its fleet, becoming one of the largest electric vehicle fleet owners in Singapore.

14 Jan 2019 | Local News : Singapore

Grab has announced the addition of 200 new units of the 64kWh Hyundai Kona Electric to its fleet, making GrabRentals the first rental company and fleet owner globally to use this new car.

Grab will become one of the largest EV fleet owners here, with the addition of 200 units of the Hyundai Kona Electric
This addition will also make Grab one of the largest EV fleet owners in Singapore.

This comes as part of Grab's ongoing commitment to provide best-in-class products to ride-hailing drivers, champion driver welfare and build an environmentally-friendly fleet of the future.  

The new Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be rolled out progressively, with the first 20 hitting the roads from 11 January.

Beyond the usual on-boarding process, Grab is also conducting additional training to familiarise drivers with the Kona Electric and the charging procedure for them. 
These fast-charging EVs come with a manufacturer specified range of more than 400km and takes as little as 30 minutes to charge to 80%. A once-a-day charge will fulfil the daily driving needs of a full-time Grab driver-partner whose typical daily driving distance is between 200-300km.

Available to driver-partners at a rental rate of $80 per day, those who switch from petrol and hybrid cars can expect to save approximately 70% and 40% respectively on fuel costs. Grab drivers who make the switch to the new Hyundai Kona Electric offered by GrabRentals can also expect to earn up to 25% more in daily income.

Grab announced last August of a strategic partnership with SP Group where driver-partners can charge at any of SP Group's charging points at a preferential charging rate of up to 30% discount. And starting in February 2019, GrabRentals will also be launching an exclusive achievement-based rewards programme, where drivers earn additional rewards of up to $100 per month by charging at different locations.
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