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Taking inspiration from Japanese ninjas, the new tyre promises increased levels of noise suppression and ride comfort against its predecessor.

29 Oct 2019 | Local News : Singapore

Dunlop has launched its latest touring tyre, the SP Sport LM705, at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

The redesigned thread pattern reduces interior noise levels by up to 26%
Taking inspiration from the Japanese masters of spying and assassination - the ninjas - Dunlop's new tyres promise increased ride comfort and fuel efficiency, coupled with all new levels of quiet operation.

In order to understand how the new tyres work to reduce road noise, simply imagine yourself tip-toeing as opposed to stomping around - a gradual contact between the surface of your foot and the floor is what allows your foot to make quiet progress.

In the same way, the SP Sport LM705's redesigned thread profile also now adopts a larger number of individual blocks and sports a rounder footprint. This delivers the net effect of greater dispersion of shocks from the road to suppress tyre vibration, as well as allowing the tyre to contact the road in a gradual manner from its centre, aiding in softening shocks and suppressing vibrations form the road.

Dunlop takes inspiration from the ninjas so that you can enjoy a quieter drive
But, that's not all. The new tyre also sports serrated groove walls just like those on the wings of the whisper-quiet owl, aiding in controlling the flow of air over the thread surface to help further reduce tyre noise.

A redesigned sidewall also now allows more sections of the tyre to flex when driving over bumps, giving the tyre an additional cushioning effect when driving over ruts and broken tarmac.

Dunlop's own tests have recorded a 10% decrease in vertical axial force generated by the SP Sport LM705 against the preceding tyre model, while the road noise levels and interior noise levels have decreased by 24% and 26% respectively.

Look out for the SP Sport LM705 at Dunlop's dealers!

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