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Bentley Motors and Graf von Faber-Castell launch a new range of luxury pens which combine natural luxury materials with the finest quality craftsmanship.

07 Nov 2019 | International News : U.K.

A unique partnership is continuing its journey in a new range of luxury pens by Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley Motors. The unrivalled craftsmanship and unmistakable design which unites the two combines Bentley's legendary spirit with the elegance of Graf von Faber-Castell for a writing experience beyond comparison.

All pens from the collection guarantee an exceptional writing experience
The new collection of writing instruments joins the initial series and the limited edition collection celebrating Bentley's 100th anniversary this year, making the perfect gift for a loved one or adds a finishing touch to your holiday cards.

Distinctive and highly individual elements such as wood are crafted using sophisticated techniques to deliver a special allure for a discerning audience. Bentley's use of precision-crafted sustainable veneers in the cabins of its models are one of the marque's extraordinary and unique features, forming an essential strand of the brand's DNA.

The Fountain pen, the Rollerball pen and Ballpoint pen in the new 'Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley' range, all guarantee an exceptional writing experience. The barrel of the pens are crafted in sable black ebony - one of the most opulent and hardest precious woods in the world - and are meticulously formed by Graf von Faber-Castell. The natural distinctions in the lightly textured black wood of the ebony barrels help to illustrate the individual character of each pen, ensuring that it becomes intimately familiar to individual owners.

Elaborately milled filigree knurled rings adorn the front and end pieces of this collection's writing instruments as a tribute to Bentley's legendary quilted diamond pattern. The barrel's matt black ebony wood, inspired by the wood veneers inside a Bentley, is finished with natural varnish to subtly highlight the individual grain of the wood. The ebony used in the collection's barrels is a by-product of musical instrument making.

The new collection is available to order here.

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