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Vauxhall has unveiled the electric version of its new, sixth generation Corsa - the Corsa-e - delivering a WLTP range of 336km and 134bhp.

12 Mar 2020 | International News : U.K.

Vauxhall is offering a battery-electric version of its best seller, the e-Corsa. The new car features a zero-emissions range of up to 336km based on the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure.

With a 134bhp electric motor and 260Nm of instantaneous maximum torque, the all new Corsa-e combines emission-free driving with a maximum 'fun-to-drive' factor, completing the zero to 100km/h sprint time in 8.1 seconds before reaching an electronically controlled top speed of 150km/h.

The Corsa-e is also available with efficient LED lights that are 80% more energy efficient compared to normal halogen bulbs
The 50kWh battery in the new Corsa-e can be charged from a domestic three-pin plug, a wall box, as well as a fast charging port. Every Corsa-e will support CCS rapid charging at speeds up to 100kW, enabling a charge to 80% battery capacity in as little as 30 minutes.

Vauxhall's IntelliLux LED matrix head lights also star in the Corsa-e, and automatically switch between normal and high beam mode when outside urban areas.

Eight LED elements in the head lights are controlled by the latest-generation, high-resolution front camera.

The technology continuously adapt the light beam to the traffic conditions and surroundings. Preceding or oncoming vehicles are simply cut out of the light pattern, preventing glare and ensuring drivers experience optimum night-time vision and have maximum time to avoid potential hazards.

Both infotainment system screens are slightly angled towards the driver for optimum ergonomics
The Corsa-e is also available with efficient LED lights that are 80% more energy efficient compared to normal halogen bulbs, with no compromise to light output.

The Corsa's infotainment ranges from the Multimedia Radio and Multimedia Navi with a 7.0-inch colour touchscreen, to the top-of-the-range Multimedia Navi Pro with 10.0-inch HD colour touchscreen. Angled slightly toward the driver in the clearly arranged instrument panel, each system provides optimum ergonomics.

For ultimate smartphone connectivity, the Corsa-e comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and features the latest smartphone apps for driver and passenger convenience.

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