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Karma Automotive's latest all-wheel drive E-Flex platform extended range platform will support utility applications.

20 May 2020 | International News : U.S.A

Karma Automotive has unveiled its newest flexible and modular E-Flex Platform with two motor all-wheel drive and an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) architecture.

The new platform is the final of five demonstration projects designed to illustrate Karma's technical direction and capabilities using a highly versatile EREV and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) based rolling chassis systems.

The AWD Extended Range E-FLex Platform can reach up to 636km with an EREV
Engineered with a wide range of solutions in mind, Karma's newest flexible electric platform can be used for pickup trucks, SUVs, last mile utility solutions and more.

Karma's all wheel-drive Extended Range E-Flex platform offers a single motor e-drive unit on the front and rear respectively, providing the safety of AWD with enhanced acceleration and handling.

The platform is equipped with Karma's new silicon carbide inverter e-drive system and features an 80kWh flat floor battery. It is targeted to achieve an all-electric range up to 386km, and when combined with a EREV extends the range further, up to 636km, depending on configuration and commercial application.

The AWD Extended Range E-Flex platform is the final demonstration in a series of platform development projects featuring the Karma E-Flex Platform. All Karma E-Flex platforms leverage the company's proprietary technology, manufacturing and design services to offer partners innovative electric mobility solutions. Using the Karma E-Flex Platform, vehicle manufacturers can optimise development costs to engineer, test, certify and build an EREV or BEV platform, allowing electrification of their products with greater speed and efficiency.
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