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The BluEarth-XT AE61 delivers sharp handling performance and wet-grip performance for popular urban crossovers and SUVs.

01 Jun 2020 | Local News : Singapore

YHI Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd, exclusive distributor of Yokohama tyres in Singapore, has launched the BluEarth-XT AE61. The new tyre is developed specifically for use on crossovers and urban SUVs.

The BluEarth-XT AE61 delivers the sharp handling performance that drivers need on city streets and highways, complimented by a quiet ride that contributes to the comfort of being in the cabin of an SUV.

The tread pattern of the XT AE61 has been designed for high wet-grip performance and minimal rolling resistance
The asymmetrical tread pattern of the XT AE61 has been designed by Yokohama Rubber to deliver an uncompromised combination of high wet-grip performance and minimal rolling resistance. Four straight grooves combine with additional, smaller, narrow grooves to contribute to the tyre's outstanding wet-grip performance to provide drivers with a greater sense of safety when driving in the rain.

The grooves have also been designed to suppress noise generation and work with a five-pitch tread pattern to realise a superior level of quietness.

The tyre's nano-blend compound meanwhile combines silicas and polymers to maintain fuel efficiency. The BluEarth-XT AE61's profile also features a smooth road contact surface shape and a mound profile that evenly distributes contact pressure to deliver outstanding straight-line stability and added resistance to uneven wear for a longer usable lifespan.

The BluEarth-XT AE61 will be available from Yokohama Authorised Dealers in a range of different sizes ranging from 16-inches to 20-inches.
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