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The Bentley Mulsanne comes to the end of its production run after more than a decade, with the Flying Spur to take over as the brand's flagship.

27 Jun 2020 | International News : U.K.

After more than a decade in production, the final example of the Bentley Mulsanne has been completed, signifying the end of an illustrious and extraordinary lifespan. With over 7,300 examples produced, all handcrafted at Bentley's home in Crewe, Cheshire, the Mulsanne embodies Bentley's ability to produce the ultimate luxury sedan.

With typical end-of-production celebrations curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bentley colleagues gathered for socially-distanced photographs with the final cars, and marked the departure of Mulsanne by sharing their thoughts of the outgoing Bentley flagship on camera.

Taking its name from the legendary 6.75-litre engine, the '6.75 Edition by Mulliner' is limited to only 30 examples.
Bentley releases both this Colleague film and a suite of imagery of the penultimate customer car - a Mulsanne Speed '6.75 Edition by Mulliner' finished in Rose Gold over Tungsten, heading to a lucky customer in the U.S.A. One extremely special, final Mulsanne remains behind the penultimate car - however, its future home remains a closely guarded secret.

The Mulsanne's lineage can be traced back through Bentley's history to the original 8 Litre of 1930 - the last car designed and developed by W.O. Bentley himself - as the most luxurious, coach built Bentley of its time.

In the last 11 years, over 700 people have invested nearly three million hours crafting Bentley's ultra-luxury sedan. Producing the Mulsanne bodies required approximately 42 million spot welds, and creating the sumptuous leather interiors took more than a million hours alone. Nearly 90,000 hours have been spent polishing cars, before a total of over four million individual quality checkpoints.

The Mulsanne has been a labour of love. As Bentley begins its journey to define the future of sustainable luxury mobility through the Beyond100 strategy, the role of Bentley flagship is passed on to the new Flying Spur.

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