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Lucid Motors has unveiled the 1,065bhp Lucid Air fully-electric luxury sedan, with a 113kWh battery that will deliver a 832km range.

15 Sep 2020 | International News : U.S.A

California-based electric car specialist Lucid Motors has unveiled the production details of its Lucid Air electric car via a global web broadcast from its Silicon Valley headquarters.

The Lucid Air is the result of a revolutionary approach to automotive packaging that capitalises upon the miniaturisation of Lucid's in-house developed electric vehicle drivetrain to optimise interior cabin space. By simultaneously making smaller yet more powerful electric motors and dramatically improving the packaging of the entire electric powertrain, Lucid is able to reclaim that space for passengers and their comfort.

The use of an in-house developed electric drivetrain has allowed Lucid to develop a car with distinctive proportions
The resulting proportions of the Lucis Air is subtly different yet modern, without relying on any traditional automotive design cues, instead delivering a beautiful car that looks entirely distinctive on the road.

With up to 1,065bhp available in a dual-motor, all-wheel drive architecture, the Lucid Air is able to achieve quarter-mile times as quick as 9.9 seconds on a consistent, repeatable basis.

To date, it is the only electric sedan able to achieve a quarter-mile time under 10 seconds. The power of the Lucid Air is complemented by an available extended-range capability that achieves an estimated U.S.A Environmental Protection Agency range of up to 832km on a single charge.

When it arrives to market, the Lucid Air will also be the fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered, with the capability to charge at rates of up to 32km per minute when connected to a DC Fast Charging network. For owners charging their Lucid Air in real-world conditions on the road, that can translate into a claimed 483km of range in just 20 minutes of charging.

34-inch curved glass instrument display adds to the light and airy feel of the interior of the Lucid Air
The Lucid Air is powered by an in-house developed, compact 113kWh extended-range battery pack. Lucid's race-proven battery technology excels with a custom Battery Management System, clever battery cell packaging, and world-class energy density.

The Lucid Air is also the world's most aerodynamically efficient luxury car, with tests completed at Windshear's advanced rolling-road wind tunnel verifying a drag coefficient of 0.21Cd.

The interior of the Lucid Air houses a 34-inch curved Glass Cockpit 5K display that 'floats' above the dashboard, contributing to a light and airy feel.

A retractable central Pilot Panel sits in finger-tip reach of the driver and passenger for deeper control of the vehicle's systems and functions. To complement the digital displays, several highly tactile, precision-milled physical controls are present, including ribbed turbines for steering wheel functions, a volume control roller, and alloy toggle switches for tuning climate settings.

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