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The all-electric luxury sedan will be given to the competition's winner. Its features make it an undeniably worthy prize.

08 Jun 2021 | International News : Germany

A jaw-dropping spectacle can be witnessed before the start of the 2021 MercedesCup, the German automaker's premier tennis tournament - a Mercedes-Benz EQS hovering high above the grass courts. The all-electric luxury sedan will be given to the competition's winner.

For the 42nd time, Mercedes-Benz is the title sponsor of the MercedesCup. Numerous international tennis professionals have already confirmed their participation despite a scheduling overlap with the French Open Grand Slam tournament. Among them is Germany's reigning tennis champion, Alexander Zverev.

The winner's car, the new EQS, is undeniably a worthy prize. The vehicle boasts a range up to 770km, and an power output of 516bhp. Inside, the MBUX Hyperscreen elegantly spans almost the entire distance between the left and right A-pillar. Artificial intelligence adapts to and anticipates the user's needs, making personalised suggestions for numerous infotainment and vehicle functions.

In addition to the strong lineup of participants and the EQS, 270-degree LED boards will also electrify the centre court during the MercedesCup for the first time. The huge LED boards will frame the centre court on three sides and display relevant information as the matches progress, mimicking the graphic qualities of the MBUX Hyperscreen.

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