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A Lamborghini Urus has just proven its mettle by traversing the highest drivable road at the top of the Umling La Pass in India.

13 Oct 2021 | International News : India

The Lamborghini Urus has scaled the highest drivable road in the world at the top of the Umling La Pass in India's Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, which is 5,880m above sea level.

Built by the Border Roads Organisation, the Umling La Pass is a remarkable feat of engineering built under weather conditions where the minimum temperature ranges from -20 degrees to -10 degrees. With extremely thin air density, the unpredictable road terrain combines gravel, rough and concrete surfaces with a wind speed varying from 40km/h to 80km/h, making it one of the most challenging and difficult roads to conquer.

This majestic road with its amazing bends and corners was negotiated twice by the Lamborghini Urus on 8 and 9 October 2021, allowing the V8 twin-turbocharged engine of the Urus to display its capabilities.

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