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Renault and designer Mathieu Lehanneu have teamed up to create this rather charming Suite N4 concept car, inspired by open-air hotel rooms.

25 Oct 2021 | International News : France

Renault has partnered with French designer Mathieu Lehanneur to produce this Suite N4 concept car.

Influenced by both the worlds of automobile and architecture, the Renault Suite N4 is a tribute to the 4L, channelling the same pure, understated and simple spirit while prioritising efficiency and spontaneity.

The front of the Suite 4N gets a polished aluminium piece in place of the traditional grille
The Suite N4 retains the same exterior dimensions and lines as the 4L but comes with a twist. The rear section and the hatch have been replaced with polycarbonate windows that provide lighting on a par with that of an artist's studio.

Transparent solar panels sit on the roof meanwhile, letting light through while helping to charge the battery of the car, which has been retrofitted to run solely on electric power.

Inside the car Mathieu Lehanneur decided to use upholstery fabric to give a warm, energetic feel. The seats and the dashboard are covered with yellow velvet, whereas the backs of the seats are finished with a thick, ribbed chenille fabric for a robust look.

Upholstery fabric and a natural fibre floor in the boot give the concept a warm, energetic feel on the inside
The boot has undergone a complete transformation, featuring a natural fibre floor covering and a wooden drawer that can be removed to provide sheltered seating when the hatch is open. Like for the 4L back in the day, all of the materials are made in France and supplied by high-end Parisian furniture producers.

On the exterior, the front of the car sports the same iconic lights, lines and silhouette as the original. However, the grill has been treated with polished aluminium to give the car a fluid, dynamic appearance. The body of the car is coated with three layers of paint to make it look like cement, a material synonymous with modern architecture.

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