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The Seat Ibiza nightclub comes with integrated DJ mixing decks, strobe lighting and even a bespoke mocktail bar. Wild.

25 Oct 2021 | International News : Spain

Seat, with the help of DJ and TV reality star Woody Cook, has created what is described as the world's smallest Ibiza nightclub.

The one-off version of Seat's all-time best seller incorporates a host of bespoke features over the standard car, including DJ decks and strobe lighting installations.

The Seat Ibiza Nightclub comes with its own mixing deck, and plays music through its 300W Beats Audio system
For its opening night, Seat took the Ibiza Nightclub to Brighton Beach in the U.K, with Wood Cook himself behind the decks.

To maximise the Ibiza vibes, the mobile nightclub features a full DJ setup, including mixing decks powered by one of the USB-C ports and connected to the new Ibiza's latest infotainment system via a smartphone device.

Sound is played through the 300W, seven speaker Beats Audio system, while the track being played is displayed via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on the 9.2-inch infotainment screen.

The Ibiza Nightclub also has a host of lighting upgrades, including strobe lights and LED lighting which complement the Ibiza's existing interior ambient lighting. Notably on the new Ibiza, LED lighting surrounds the air vents and illuminates in a colour bespoke to each trim level.

There's also a mocktail bat at the rear, equipped with an array of bar equipment and drinks
And at the rear, the Seat Ibiza's 355-litre boot has been converted into a mocktail bar and features an array of bar equipment and drinks, enabling guests to enjoy a refreshing mocktail of their choice.

On the outside, stylish lighting which lines a red carpet walkway leading to the entrance of the Ibiza Nightclub, and specially created decals finish of the mini nightclub. As with other nightclubs, guests must queue and be ready to present their tickets to gain entry to the trendy venue.

The Ibiza Nightclub is perhaps not only the smallest, but also the most mobile Ibiza nightclub to ever be created. All bespoke additions to the car use 'plug-and-play' fixtures, making it easy to relocate them per the user’s desired location.

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