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Only those that are citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders of the country that they are entering can utilise the VTL for now however.

24 Nov 2021 | Local News : Singapore

The land border between Singapore and Malaysia will reopen come 29 November 2021. If you're thinking of heading to Malaysia for some food and sun however, there won't be a need to pack your luggage just yet.

This is because the Land Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) is going to open only to those who are citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders of the country that they are entering, including work pass holders, student pass holders and long-term visit pass holders.

The link between Johor and Woodlands has been closed since March 2020
So its not quite time to plan a holiday up Genting highlands just yet. However, the good news is that workers in either country will get first priorty to travel across and visit their families for the first time since the land border was shut in March last year.

With the new Land VTL, every day starting from 29 November, up to 1,440 Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders in Malaysia will be able to cross the Causeway and return to Singapore via designated bus services, without the need for quarantine.

And for those on the other side, a likewise total of 1,440 Malaysian citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders currently in Singapore will also be able to go back home.

Tickets for the designated buses utilising the Land VTL will go on sale at 8:00am come 25 November 2021.

Those that intend to utilise the Land VTL must test negative for a professionally administered ART or PCR test within two days of departure
Those travelling via the land VTL must test negative using a professionally administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test within two days of departure. The test must be done at an accredited laboratory or testing centre. Those travelling to Malaysia will also need to take an additional supervised on-arrival ART after they clear immigration.

Bummed out about not being able to get your favourite Malaysian food? Don't fret. The Singapore Prime Minister's Office has stated that it is working towards expanding the Land VTL to include general travellers, dependent of course, on the public health situation in both countries, and is also working towards resting restoring quarantine-free travel between Singapore and Malaysia through the Tuas Second Link.

Those who arrive at the border via other means, such as private transport or by walking across the Causeway, will need to serve a seven-day stay-home notice even if they have been approved to travel via the Land VTL.

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