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Nonetheless, excluding the outlier-year of 2020 when restrictions were at their peak, the general situation on our roads appears to be improving just slightly.

15 Feb 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Data released by the Traffic Police on 14 February 2022 has revealed that as traffic started to return to Singapore's roads, the number of fatal road accidents as well as road fatalities also increased in 2021. 

100 cases of fatal accidents were logged last year - up from 80 in 2020 - in which 107 persons lost their lives, up 28.9% from the 83 fatalities in 2020. Correspondingly, the fatality rate per 100,000 in population increased from 1.47 in 2020 to 1.96 in 2021. 

Accidents involving red-light running as well as speeding increased by 10.9% and 28.3% respectively
There was more bad news under other considerations, with cases of red-light running, speeding-related, as well as drink-driving accidents all experiencing year-on-year increases. This was, however, the least pronounced for the latter; the number of drink-driving accidents went up 4.8%, from 146 to 153 cases. 

Motorcyclists and pillion riders, in particular, were also singled out in the data. There was a sustained increased in accidents, injuries and fatalities for this group of road-users, with the number of fatal accidents rising from 50 in 2020 to 56 in 2021. (On this note, a recent accident on the slippery roads of the PIE saw a motorcyclist getting conveyed to the hospital after a car crashed into seven motorcyclists taking shelter from the rain.)

Still, the report from the Traffic Police wasn't wholly discouraging. Both the number of red-light running as well as speeding violations fell by more than 10%. The same trend was noted for accidents involving elderly pedestrians. 

However slight, 2021's road traffic situation is still an improvement over 2019's pre-pandemic numbers
Above all, it must also be noted that 2020 was an outlier-year as a result of anomalous traffic conditions brought about by the pandemic. While the fall was not as precipitous as desired, the number of fatality and injury-inducing accidents in 2021 still marked a downward shift from pre-pandemic levels in 2019. 

Ultimately, Singapore still has some way to go before its road safety can be held in high regard. The Traffic Police has pledged to continue operating out of its three-pronged strategy - through education, engagement and enforcement - to make sure our roads become safer for all.

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