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BMW driving dynamics, a premium rear seat experience, and locally emissions-free driving all meet in the BMW i3 eDrive35L.

31 Mar 2022 | International News : China

The BMW Group has revealed a fully electric BMW 3 Series, set to enter the Chinese market come May 2022.

The BMW i3 eDrive35L has been designed to cater to the demands of the Chinese market, sporting an 110mm longer wheelbase than the standard 3 Series.

The BMW BMW i3 eDrive35L gets a 282bhp power output, alongside a 526km range based on the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle
This longer wheelbase combines with a premium rear seat experience for a truly luxurious experience for those seated at the back.

In spite of the extended dimensions, the BMW i3 eDrive35L nonetheless promises to offer all the sporty driving dynamics for which the brand is well known for, alongside a high level of build quality, and in this model, the opportunity for locally emission-free driving.

The BMW i3 eDrive35L is powered by BMW's Gen5 eDrive powertrain components already familiar from the BMW iX3, BMW i4 and BMW iX. Here, the drivetrain generates 282bhp, alongside 400Nm of torque.

A 70.3kWh (66.2kWh net capacity) battery supplies the all-electric 3 Series with 526km of range based on the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle, and can be charged at a maximum of 95kW via a direct current source.

In the cabin, Chinese buyers of the car will find the latest BMW Operating System 8 present in the i3 eDrive35L, alongside all the system's connectivity features and the BMW Digital Key all present, marking the first time these features have been offered on the 3 Series.

The BMW i3 eDrive35L will be assembled exclusively for the Chinese market at the BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. plant in Shenyang, China.

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