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Planning a holiday to Japan already? This newly renovated museum in Hiroshima full of Mazdas should make for a rather interesting place to visit!

22 Apr 2022 | International News : Japan

Already planning that holiday trip to Japan? You might want to add a quick visit of the Mazda Museum into your itinerary if you're going to stop by Hiroshima.

The museum has undergone a full renovation, and is set to open to the public come 23 May 2022. Packed full of historic vehicles and exhibits central to the company's history since its foundation more than a century ago, the museum now sports a new design with a complete makeover of many of its displays.

The Mazda Museum is now divided into 10 different zones all designed to give a narrative experience of the firm's past and vision for the future
The museum now sports a monotone colour scheme coupled with warm lighting and wood surfaces, a design choice said to be in line with the firm's brand design, and to offer a cozy space to visitors.

A total of 10 different exhibit zones with matching decor and lighting that matches the theme of each zone is now offered, all designed to give visitors a narrative experience of Mazda's vision for the next century, as well as the thought that has gone into its vehicles the world over in the past 100 years.

And if that passport renewal cannot come soon enough, you can also now visit the online version of the museum here (it is currently only available in Japanese but Mazda states English versions of the site will go online at a later stage).

Get the information you need to plan your trip to the new Mazda Museum via its website here.

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