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Bentley states that its latest figures already place it on course to become the world's most sustainable luxury car brand.

23 Apr 2022 | International News : U.K.

Bentley has announced that it is on course to become the world's most sustainable luxury car brand.

The marque is making this announcement as its latest available data from the headquarters in Crewe already shows an impressive reduction in environmental impact per vehicle in 2021 when compared against 2020 figures. This reduction is despite an increase in production volume by 38.3% in the same period.

Bentley states, for example, that the amount of water used at the factory has been cut by 26.6%, thanks to water saving measures as well as the installation of water recycling systems, although an increase in staff working from home has also contributed to this saving.

The firm also states that the total CO2 emissions at its Pyms Lane site have been dropped by 70.2%. The drop is attributed to Bentley's use of green gas and biofuels in onsite logistic vehicles, as well as the use of energy generated from the company’s extensive onsite solar panel system. Bentley states that the solar panel system, now comprising close to 31,500 panels, will be extended further.

The total energy consumed per vehicle was also down 17.2%, thanks to an ongoing focus on efficiency, the use of green gas and the impact of a more efficient boiler system.

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