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You can now get your miniature Citroens, branded clothing and even Citroen-branded office supplies all via the firm's revamped lifestyle store.

10 May 2022 | International News : France

Whether it is a miniature Citron C5 X you're looking for, or a Citroen wooden garage as a gift for the young ones, and even special sunglasses designed to reduce motion sickness, you can now look forward to a quality online shopping experience and a smoother purchasing journey at the new Lifestyle Citroen online store (which you can visit here).

The firm states that the new lifestyle store is now accessible from a computer, tablet, computer, or smartphone, and can now be configured in four languages - French, English, Spanish and Italian, with German, Portuguese and Dutch soon to be added as well. A multilingual call centre in these seven languages will also be available to answer any of your enquiries.

The Citroen Lifestyle store is also now open to all types of payment, from bank cards to online payments, thanks to a collaboration with e-commerce platform Oreca Digital Retail.

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