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We roll out a new logo ahead of a suite of new digital services in preparation to go global in this new digital age.

02 Jul 2022 | Local News : Singapore

You've already seen it plastered all across our website and our YouTube channel, but we are now making it official.

Sgcarmart now has a new brand logo, which comes as part of a new refreshed look that will also be applied across Mycarforum - Singapore's most popular car forum - and Quotz, Singapore's leading used car auction platform.

But this is more than just a visual change, for the new logo comes as part of an ongoing expansion of our leadership in the automotive space. And to this effect, all users and customers at Sgcarmart will be able to look forward to new value-added digital services, supported by a suite of new e-commerce initiatives, all designed to augment the car buying and selling process, and scheduled for roll-out within the year.

And further down the line? Look out for a suite of innovative value chain and mobility solutions, all planned for deployment on a global scale.

Speaking on the new services planned, Paustina Chou, General Manager of Product Development, Sgcarmart, states, "Sgcarmart is the leading online car buying and selling platform in Singapore, but there's potential to become even better. Our priority first and foremost, is to enhance our user journey on our platform and provide a seamless and improved experience for all whether it may be buying a car, selling a car or car ownership services."

Stay tuned for more in the future!

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