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Porsche has called on its 1,300 direct series suppliers to use only renewable energies in new projects for manufacture of Porsche components.

06 Sep 2022 | International News : Germany

Porsche is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. The German sports carmaker has ensured that its suppliers selected for new vehicle projects are committed to switching their production to certified green power and are working with Porsche to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the supply chain.

Barbara Frenkel, Member of the Executive Board for Procurement at Porsche, said that the company is implementing its sustainability strategy in procurement together with direct suppliers. This is to attain the goal of net carbon-neutrality in 2030.

Barbara Frenkel believes that it is better for Porsche to act first before lawmakers step into the picture when it comes to sustainability regulations
She also went on to state that Porsche is 'acting quickly', not waiting for lawmakers to define specifications and regulations to be better prepared for the future. Frenkel believes that the use of electricity from renewable sources will represent progress in achieving carbon neutrality.

Porsche also utilises creative approaches to attain even higher levels of sustainability in its supply chain. These include sustainability dialogues to openly exchange ideas with suppliers that lead to knowledge sharing and joint goals.

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