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Mobil 1 is the brand of choice for Oracle Red Bull Racing, with Formula One being a proving ground for Mobil 1's products.

30 Sep 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Leading the F1 standings for both Constructors and Drivers, Oracle Red Bull Racing and Official Lubricant Partner, Mobil 1, are setting up a dedicated ExxonMobil track lab for the race weekend.

This will enable the team to test samples of oil real time and ensure more than 4,000 moving parts of the race cars all work optimally to withstand engine forces thousands of times greater than the force of gravity.  

Sergio Perez met with primary school students and ExxonMobil employees at a closed-door event
For Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, specially formulated Esso race fuels and Mobil lubricants - and technical support - gives them the winning edge as they chase glory this weekend at Singapore GP, one of the toughest circuits in the world.

Sergio Perez also met primary school students, beneficiaries of the ExxonMobil-South West CDC transport bursary, and ExxonMobil employees at a closed-door event. The students raced the Oracle Red Bull Racing driver on a radio-controlled, remote control racetrack to see who could clock the fastest time.

Formula One is the ultimate proving ground for Mobil 1 products, bringing innovation from the track to consumers around the world. Mobil 1 Triple Action Power+ will be rolling out across South Asia Pacific from November 2022.

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