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Smart launches its new #1 electric crossover, which boasts a generous amount of space and flexibility despite having a compact footprint.

05 Oct 2022 | International News : Portugal

Smart has launched the smart #1, a car which combines the brand's expertise in electric mobility with the pioneering premium design of Mercedes-Benz, and the engineering power of Geely's SEA platform, to deliver technologically advanced mobility.

The #1 continues the smart characteristic of offering exceptional space utilisation. At 4,270 mm long, it offers a generous amount of space and flexibility within a compact overall footprint. Suited to the urban environment, it also makes long distance travel hassle-free, with a range of up to 439km with easy journey charging solutions and a DC charging capacity of 150kW.

The Brabus variant, as shown, will boast 416bhp from its batteries, taking the smart brand firmly into the high performance league
In line with the customisable, driver-centric user experience, the smart #1 will have a variety of models to choose from to perfectly fit the needs and lifestyle of its owner. These include the Pro+, Premium and Brabus variants.

Apart from its dynamic looks, the performance of the smart #1 Brabus receives a boost in power as well. The standard 264bhp of power is bumped up to 416bhp, while torque increases from 343Nm to 543Nm with four-wheel drive to ensure traction and aid acceleration.

Paired with the specifically calibrated Brabus driving mode, this results in an even more thrilling driving experience, unleashing the full potential of the car for a zero to 100km/h timing of 3.9 seconds.

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