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Future residents of the new Ulu Pandan estate will see available parking space reduced for more green space as well as walking and cycling paths.

05 Oct 2022 | Local News : Singapore

The push towards a car-lite Singapore has taken another bold step forward, with the HDB announcing on 5 October 2022 that its new Ulu Pandan Development will see reduced parking provision as part of a suite of feature that will make it the island's first car-lite HDB precinct.

The HDB states that in place of the reduced parking space, the estate will instead get additional public facilities and greenery. The available lots, meanwhile, will be prioritised for residents in these precincts, through new parking demand management measures.

A comprehensive network of walking and cycling paths are planned for the new Ulu Pandan precinct, in place of the reduced parking space
These measures will include the reduction of season parking, which will also be restricted to residents only, and will be prioritised for the first car of resident households.

Residents who buy season parking for their second and subsequent vehicles will also be charged a higher Tier 2 season parking rate, subject to availability.

The HDB additionally states that short-term parking for visitors will remain available, albeit with limited lots, and that parking charges for these may be adjusted based on demand. No exact details on the pricing structure for short-term parking in the new estate has yet been revealed.

It's not all bad news for future residents though: To ensure mobility is not sacrificed, the estate will also feature sheltered elevated linkways that will link directly to Dover MRT station.

The LTA will gazette a total of four other housing estates as car-lite areas come 31 October 2022
Barrier-free access to bus stops will also be provided along Commonwealth Avenue. Additionally, the vehicular roads will be located at the perimeter of the precincts, segregated from the main pedestrian walkway to enable residents to walk safely.

A comprehensive network of walking and cycling paths will also provide residents with seamless connectivity to the neighbourhood centre and key amenities in Ghim Moh via the Park Connector Network.

If you don't drive and find all these features appealing, there's more good news: Ulu Pandan estate is but the first of six locations which the LTA will gazette as car-lite areas come 31 October 2022. Among these, four will include public housing estates. In addition to Ulu Pandan, these estates include Mount Pleasant, Tengah and the Keppel Club site.

Prepare for more parking woes in the future if you happen to stay close to these locations.

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