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EMMA, a community of Mobile Media Enthusiasts, have concluded the EMMA Asia Finals Singapore Stage, which saw guests from all over the world present.

30 Nov 2022 | Local News : Singapore

The Final Stage of the EMMA Asian Finals became a real event with hundreds of competitors and guests. Made as a two days event in conjunction with the National Singapore Finals, the judging went on for almost two days

The judging team was headed by Glen Saitowitz, Alison De Ocampo, Diyoy Cabahug, Edy Susanto, Kevin Keegan, Poh Chong Hwee and Doan Tran Minh Chau.

The event was held over two days in conjunction with the National Singapore Finals
The 2022 EMMA Asia Finals concluded with the Grand Finale at SCAPE, Orchard Road, with guests from all over the world making their way down to Singapore to see the festivities. The awarding day also had ESQL activities that drew huge crowds eager to get a glimpse of the festivities.

The results and awarding was completed by 8:00pm, with many teams taking home the coveted EMMA Asia Trophies.

The Organisers of EMMA Asia 2022 would like to thank sponsors Helix, Audiotec Fishcer, Brax Match and Steg, Awave, Audiosystem Italy, RA Audio and DB Drive USA, together with Audible Physics, DLS, SGM, and Xcelsus.

*Text courtesy of EMMA

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