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The exclusive and limited edition 911 Dakar brings genuine off-road capabilities and rampant fun to Porsche's iconic sports car.

22 Jan 2023 | International News : Morocco

The international media drive of the brand new Porsche 911 Dakar was hosted in Morocco.

The 911 Dakar is a special edition model - with just 2,500 units planned - that celebrates a famous victory for Porsche in the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally. With a modified 911 featuring the first instance of all-wheel drive (AWD) for Porsche, the brand finished first overall at its very first foray into the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Yes, that is the actual race-winning 953 that serves as key inspiration for the new 911 Dakar
Now almost 40 years on, Porsche is revisiting those off-road racing roots with this brand new 911 Dakar.

The 911 Dakar is a complex combination of components from various Porsche models, plus a whole lot of off-road specific enhancements.

Power comes from a 3.0-litre twin-turbo flat-six taken from a GTS, which produces a healthy 473bhp and 570Nm of torque, allowing the car to sprint to 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds. And of course, the 911 Dakar has AWD for maximum traction across a variety of terrain that it is designed to tackle.

Other standard equipment include the engine mounts, rear-axle steering and CFRP bonnet taken from the GT3.

The raised ride height and model-specific tyres allow the 911 Dakar to conquer rough terrain
The key aspect that sets this 911 Dakar apart is its ride height. 50mm taller than a standard 911 Carrera, the standard lift system on both front and rear axles can further raise the ride height by an additional 30mm. This taller setting can be activated for speeds up to 170km/h, for what Porsche calls "ambitious off-road adventures". Braver than most are those who will venture 170km/h on unpaved surfaces.

To ensure maximum traction, the 911 Dakar is also fitted with specially developed Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus tyres, designed to be puncture proof to tackle any terrain. However, these off-road tyres mean that the car is limited to a top speed of 240km/h.

The 911 Dakar features two unique drive modes - Rallye and Offroad
Specific to the 911 Dakar are two additional drive modes - Rallye and Offroad. Rallye features rear-focused AWD, which should allow plenty of sideways action on loose surfaces. The Offroad mode automatically activates the high clearance ride height, and is designed to offer maximum traction on sand and difficult terrain.

Heading far off the beaten trail? The 911 Dakar can be specced with a roof rack with additional head lights, which can be used to store up to 42kg of equipment. And, a roof tent will also be available - no need to hightail it back to the hotel at night.

And, the rest of the car will be protected from off-road scuffs as well. Stainless steel protective elements for the front, rear and side sills, as well as across the air intakes, should protect against debris.

Several unique liveries can be had on the 911 Dakar, including this one inspired by the classic Rothmans colours
Prospective buyers can also choose from a selection of liveries inspired by iconic racing liveries from the past. The Rallye Design Package echoes the iconic Rothmans livery, complete with white-painted rims and red taillight strip. And, according to a Porsche representative, customers actually have the choice and freedom to customise the livery, so yes, you can in fact have 'Rothmans' on the car, not the 'Roughroads' you see in press pictures.

According to Porsche, a handful of units of the 911 Dakar will be made available in Singapore, for an eye-watering list price of $972,988 (before COE and obviously expensive options). But even considering this is all-in at least a million-dollar car, expect it to be sold out soon (if not already).

Stay tuned for our review of the 911 Dakar, coming soon!

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