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Arriving at the 2023 Motor Show earlier in Jan, the Niro EV takes the eco-credentials of its hybrid twin further with zero emissions and a rated range of 460km.

30 Jan 2023 | Local News : Singapore

The second-generation of Kia's pioneering hybrid crossover, the Niro, has been warmly received for its efficiency and bolder styling ever since it was released in Singapore last September.

Now, the lineup within the nameplate has been widened with the introduction of an even greener model: The Niro EV. The all electric crossover was first seen by visitors of the Motor Show earlier this month.

The Niro EV is mostly the spitting image of its hybrid twin - which is to say, it's very good-looking
Externally, the Niro Hybrid never really made a show of its combustion power - its tailpipe was concealed by the rear bumper's design - and the Niro EV is thus nearly impossible to distinguish from behind. 

What does set the two variants apart, however, is the addition of a flap for the car's onboard charger right smack in the middle of its 'grille'. Otherwise, the Niro EV is the same handsome and modern-looking crossover as the Niro Hybrid, complete with those 'Aero C-Pillars' which Kia says have an aerodynamic function and help improve airflow. 

The familiar story continues on the inside, where recycled plastics and vegan materials meet in an aesthetically pleasing interior. 

Performance in the Niro EV is significantly zippier, but the car thankfully remains in Category A
The Niro EV is powered by a 64.8kWh battery that Kia says gives it a very commendable 460km of range. Its architecture allows for fast charging via Direct Current (DC) at up to 85kW, to bring it from a 10% to 80% state-of-charge within 45 minutes. Hooking the car up to an 11kW AC charger, on the other hand, will see a full recharge completed in under seven hours. 

On this note of electric propulsion, expect significantly zippier performance from the Niro EV as it reaps the benefits of full-electrification. A single motor sends 145bhp (108kW) and 255Nm of instant torque to the car's front wheels, giving it a century sprint timing of just 7.8 seconds. 

You'll notice that its power output ducks under the 110kW ceiling for mass market EVs, and the Niro EV thankfully qualifies for a Category A COE as a result.  

Because the Niro EV has been specced in SX trim, it gets all of the lineup's higher-end features 
At press time, the Niro EV is only being offered in the higher SX trim. That treats the driver to dual 10.25-inch digital screens - a touchscreen one for infotainment, and another as the driver's information cluster - integrated into one streamlined suite. The Niro EV also gets the shift-by-wire swivel gear knob found on the Niro Hybrid SX.

As the top-of-the-line variant, the Niro EV is stuffed full of safety features too, including adaptive cruise control (or 'Smart Cruise Control' as Kia calls it), Lane Keeping Assist, Safe Exist Assist, and Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist. Of course, ventilated and heated (it's been cold recently, hasn’t it?) front seats are also standard on the crossover. 

Car Model Price as of press time (including COE)
Kia Niro EV SX 64.8kWh (A) $199,999

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