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Subaru of America, alongside over 600 dealers across the U.S.A, will be donating socks and blankets to the homeless across the month of February.

08 Feb 2023 | International News : U.S.A

Subaru of America has announced that it, together with its retailers across the U.S.A, will provide a sock donation to homeless shelters across the U.S.A as part of the annual Subaru Loves to Help initiative.

The firm states that this, together with the conclusion of its Subaru Loves to Help Month held in February, will see a total of 500,000 pairs of socks and 100,000 warm blankets donated to adults and children experiencing homelessness.

Over 600 Subaru dealers across the U.S.A will be delivering the new pairs of socks to their various community across the month of February. Find out more about the Subaru Loves to Help initiative here.

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