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Taken all the way far north in Europe, a prototype for the future all-electric model series is being put through its paces in the cold as it nears release.

18 Mar 2023 | International News : Germany

As it draws closer than ever to production-readiness, yet another new member set to join Audi’s all electric SUV family is now undergoing testing in the freezing cold.

Audi has taken a prototype of the Q6 e-tron to the 'far north of Europe' (we're thinking somewhere in the Nordics, although Audi doesn't say where exactly) to taken on 'curves and corners'.

The Q6 e-tron will debut the PPE platform, featuring a new architecture and 800V electric system
When it eventually reaches the market, the car will also debut the nameplate for the first time ever, and join the Q4 e-tron and Q8 e-tron (previously just the e-tron SUV) in Audi's electric SUV lineup. That gives you an indication of where Audi is positioning it in terms of segment and size.

The Q6 e-tron will also be revolutionary for Audi in that it is set to be first model series to be built on the all new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform, which Porsche's Macan BEV will apparently also utilise. Audi believes that the 800-volt electric system, simultaneously power and efficient motors, new battery management system and completely new architecture marks its 'next major step in electrification and digitalisation'.

Other technical details on the Q6 e-tron are still scant, but Audi mentions that the car will offer the 'superior traction' characteristic of its models. 

Audi says the Q6 e-tron will offer superior traction, as is typical of the firm's cars 
Like the Q4 e-tron and Q8 e-tron, the Q6 e-tron series will also be offered in both SUV and Sportback body variants. Audi appears to be putting a significant amount of emphasis on the car, since its production will inaugurate an upskilled workforce at its Ingolstadt site tailored specifically to e-mobility. This will include an in-house battery assembly facility.

Audi is joining many other carmakers to ramp up its electric offensive over the next few years. Among the 20 new models it intends to introduce by 2025, more than 10 will be fully electric.

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