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23 Jul 2020

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The Audi e-tron combines a familiar luxury experience with a seamlessly capable electric drivetrain to deliver an experience that makes journeys better.

The Audi e-tron has been a long time coming for Singapore. It was launched in late 2018, and we also first got behind the wheel of the e-tron then (in Abu Dhabi, admittedly).

The electric car was launched in Singapore at the 2020 Singapore Motor Show, but due to some delays caused by homologation and a global pandemic, we've now only managed to drive it on Singapore roads.

Has it been worth the wait? 

Clean modernity

The e-tron's planted, wide stance makes it a visually appealing SUV
Visually, the e-tron is quite appealing. It's wider and squatter than a Q5 or a Q7, and that's a good thing. There are sleek surfaces and flush detailing for aerodynamic purposes, but those really don't hurt the car's overall look either. In fact, I reckon it might be the best-looking Audi SUV right now.

The interior is a familiar Audi space - sleek, modern, classy. You get plenty of sleek black surfaces, a modern two-screen setup, as well as a fully digital dashboard. Anyone who has ever been in a contemporary Audi will feel immediately at home. 

The cabin is a familiar Audi experience - sleek, modern and high in refinement
The lack of a driveshaft in this particular MLB Evo packaging means that there's more space freed up, allowing the rear to have a (almost) flat floor, while the centre console between driver and passenger features a deep recess with ample storage space.

Complains? There isn't wireless handphone charging, and the steering wheel doesn't adjust downwards as much as I'd personally like (my seat is set at the lowest possible setting). 

Urgent refinement

The 3D camera view gives you complete real-time vision of the car's surroundings
That said, the e-tron is a delight to drive. It feels light and agile on its feet - steering is responsive and the car turns in with more urgency than you'd expect from an SUV.

There's ample power - 355bhp and 561Nm of instantaneous torque, which can be boosted to 402bhp and a whopping 664Nm of torque. Power is delivered incredibly smoothly and seamlessly, and with plenty of gusto as well. Overtaking manoeuvres are dispatched with effortless ease and zero fanfare, and the urgency with which the e-tron can get up to 100km/h, even on half throttle, is quite remarkable.

The car automatically adjusts the recuperation strength according to your driving behaviour
Of note, I found myself always going a little faster than I expected (maybe around 10km/h quicker). I put this down to the fact that power delivery is so instantaneous in responding to your right foot, and the lack of sound also makes you lose a sense of how quickly you are going. Even with a light right foot, it's easy to eclipse the road speed limit.

This is testament to just how well the e-tron drives - it's so quiet, planted and effortless that you just don't think too much about it.

The e-tron can accept up to 150kW of direct current charging
The regenerative braking also operates in an unintrusive manner, even in the highest setting. It's also quite intelligent. On highways, when you lift off the throttle after a period of steady light throttling, the car actually coasts, rather than instantly braking to recover energy. You can then engage the regenerative braking using the steering wheel-mounted paddles.

Also, the car doesn't creep forward when you lift of the throttle. This is useful for when you come to a standstill at a traffic light, but you do want to be alert when stopping on an incline. The car will roll back if you take your foot off the brake.

Range? You can easily expect to get more than 300km from one full charge. I managed to get around 320km of range with driving in a fairly typical and sensible fashion (with the car largely in Efficiency mode). 

Intelligent quality

You can reasonably expect to travel over 300km on a single charge
The Audi e-tron is a deeply impressive electric SUV. Using it is simple, effortless and very straightforward. It doesn't overwhelm you with technology or complexity (even though it is packed with those). And, it delivers a level of driving refinement and quality that anyone will find easy to come to terms with.

Honestly, if all-electric cars drove this seamlessly and intelligently, I reckon a lot more people will be convinced to make the switch. Having driven the e-tron, I'd say that of all the Audi SUVs, it's the one I'd have. In this particular practical, family SUV package, I don't miss an internal combustion engine one bit.  Of course, that refinement and quality come at a price - $367,500. And, well, there's no two ways about it, that's quite a lot of money. In fact, almost as much as you'd have to pay for an Audi Q8.

The Audi e-tron is a deeply impressive electric SUV that sets a bar for what electric luxury can do
For those that can and will buy an Audi e-tron, the car is going to thoroughly live up to expectations. It feels every bit as luxurious, capable and practical as it is made out to be.

And, importantly, it does set a bar as far as what an all-electric luxury vehicle can do - to make your journeys' cleaner and greener, without sacrificing any of the inherent comfort and luxury that you've come to expect of your automotive experience.

Simply put, by making your journeys better.
Car Information


: -

Engine Type


Electric Motor

Engine Cap





265kW (355 bhp)



561 Nm



2-stage planetary gearbox with single gear (A)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Energy consumption



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