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The supercar-maker is joining hands with Carbon Champagne, which will support its motorsports campaigns and exclusive lifestyle celebrations.

19 Mar 2023 | International News : Italy

In what can perhaps be best described as a fittingly luxurious and highly exclusive partnership, Lamborghini is linking hands with a 13 year-old champagne company.

Named Carbon Champagne, the low volume champagne house was established in 2011 with the expertise of its CEO Alexandra Mea, who is a fifth-generation heir to the Devavry brand, established in 1920.

The carbon wrap on the champagne bottles is constructed from a complex 37-step process
The company’s champagne is produced using hand-processed Grand Cru and Premier Cru fruit (‘cru’ refers to vineyards of exceptional, recognised quality), and stored in oak barrels before being bottled.

As for why the company is named as such, an intricate carbon wrap covers all of its bottles, constructed from a complex 37-step process and applied in various carbon and coloured finishes. In case you think it’s all vanity, the wrap does serve some practical purpose, since it is intended to protect the champagne from light to preserve its taste. This is the world of ultra-luxury, after all.  

Both companies believe they are aligned in offering ultra-premium products to the most elite, and through the partnership, Carbon Champagne will support Automobili Lamborghini’s motorsports events and lifestyle celebrations.

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