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The Kia EV9 is a full-size electric SUV that offers the latest driver assistance technologies and connectivity, plus a WLTP driving range of 541km.

30 Mar 2023 | International News : South Korea

Kia has finally revealed the production version of its latest flagship model, the EV9.

The EV9 is a three-row, all-electric SUV built on the brand's E-GMP platform. It is the second all-electric model based on Kia's E-GMP platform after the EV6.

The EV9's styling contrasts clean, smooth surfaces with angular, geometric patterns
Just like the EV9 Concept, the production model is designed according to Kia's 'Opposites United' philosophy, combining sleekness with 'assertive geometry'. One example of this is how the EV9 has relatively clean flanks, but triangular shoulders.

Like the EV6, the EV9's front end also has a 'Digital Tiger Face' design. Depending on the market, however, the car can be specified with the 'Digital Pattern Lighting Grille'.

New, too, are the 'Star Map' LED daytime running lights that can create a sophisticated lighting pattern. Kia says it will provide a new illumination experience, and that buyers will see it on future EV models.

Size-wise, the EV9 is 5,010mm long, 1,980mm wide and 1,755mm tall, with a wheelbase of 3,100mm. To improve aerodynamics, elements such as air curtains integrated into the front bumper, aerodynamic wheels, and Kia's first 3D-sculpted underbody cover, help the EV9 achieve a drag coefficient of 0.28.

The EV9's 3,100mm wheelbase length should help ensure plenty of interior space for occupants
Inside, the highlight of the digital cockpit is the 'Panoramic wide display' that combines two 12.3-inch displays and a 5.0-inch segment display for users to access information and tweak various settings.

In a brand first, owners can select the equipment specification and choose to update the features of the EV9 Over-the-Air (OTA) through the Kia Connect Store.

Customers can, for instance, enhance the Digital Lighting Pattern Grille by adding the 'Lighting Pattern' option.

Owners can also purchase a Boost feature that tells the electric motor to deliver an extra 100Nm for improved performance.

To strike a balance, physical controls such as buttons and switches have been reduced, but not totally replaced by digital or virtual ones
For flexibility, the EV9 can be had in both six-seater and seven-seater configurations. Kia claims that in a first for global electric models, the second-row offers four seating options that include a three-seater bench, basic-type seats, relaxation-type seats, and swivel-type two-seater seats. The latter will enable passengers in the second-row seats to converse and interact with occupants in the last row.

At the same time, Kia is also using the EV9 to showcase its sustainability efforts.

It is the first model to embrace the marque's three-step Design Sustainability Strategy, which aims to phase out the use of leather, increase the use of bio-based materials and apply 10 'must-have' sustainable items to new models.

The EV9 has several powertrain options. The Standard RWD (rear-wheel drive) model will have a 76.1kWh battery, while the RWD Long Range and AWD (all-wheel drive) variants have a 99.8kWh battery.

The EV9's interior also has ambient lighting to match or cater to the driver's mood and personality
The Standard RWD model will offer 215bhp and 350Nm of torque and does the century sprint in 8.2 seconds. The RWD Long Range, on the other hand, has 201bhp and 350Nm of torque, and sprints from zero to 100km/h in 9.4 seconds.

The range-topping AWD variant, with two electric motors, delivers 380bhp and 600Nm of torque. It finishes the century dash in 6.0 seconds, but this drops to 5.3 seconds if the owner purchases the Boost feature from the Kia Connect Store.

Kia claims that the EV9 RWD Long Range can travel up to 541km on a full charge. Figures have yet to be provided for the other variants.

In terms of safety, the EV9 can be specified with Highway Driving Pilot (HDP), which will provide the SUV with conditional Level 3 autonomous driving.

When specified, the swivel seats can help occupants better engage with one another 
HDP utilises a network of 15 sensors and two lidars to scan, detect and react to road conditions, helping prevent mishaps. HDP will supposedly also allow 'hands-off' driving under certain conditions.

Kia says that the EV9 will not replace the Sorento, as they are different products aimed at satisfying different needs. The Korean carmaker also stated that it aims to sell 100,000 EV9s annually.

A spokesperson for Cycle & Carriage, the brand's official agent in Singapore, says the dealer is aiming to launch the EV9 here in "early 2024".

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