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A century ago this June, four Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts embarked on the Austrian Alpine Trials, the most demanding test of automotive endurance at that time.

24 Apr 2013 | International News : China

Performing without fault for over 2,929km of near impassable mountain terrain, the Rolls-Royce Works Team and privateer entrant, James Radley, helped establish the luxury British marque's reputation for unrivalled reliability and mechanical excellence - a reputation that stick with the brand Rolls-Royce even till the present day.

The distinct black grille and wheels of Radley car is replicated across the collection - the first time a painted grille has adorned a modern Rolls-Royce motor car
At the recently concluded Shanghai Motor Show, the bespoke department of Rolls-Royce celebrated these endeavours with the launch of the Alpine Trial Centenary Collection.

Rolls-Royce cited that this is the first time a Bespoke model has taken inspiration from a heritage model.

The limited edition Rolls-Royce Ghost features exquisitely crafted design cues that pay tribute to the 1913 Alpine Trials cars - like the exterior paint hue that is closely inspired from Radley's Silver Ghost. The same car will participate in this year's re-enactment of the 1913 Alpine Trial, as part of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Works Team.

The cabin plays host to details that elegantly tell the story of the Alpine Trial. Each element is handcrafted precisely and researched to ensure accuracy, epitomising hallmark Rolls-Royce attention to detail.

A hand painted coachline is refrenced from the four Rolls-Royce's that took part in the rally and headlining colour is colour matched to the hood of Radley's car for a complete beautiful homage.

The clock displays the stages of the rally and timings, whilst inlays to rear picnic tables and the front fascia express the topography and distances of the Alpine route
In homage of the centenary of the 1913 Alpine Trial, the 20-Ghost Club has organised a faithful re-enactment of the original trip which will start in Vienna on 14 June 2013. A Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Works Team comprising a 2013 Alpine Trial Centenary Collection Ghost and Radley 1913 Silver Ghost will participate in the rally.

In total, over 40 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts will traverse through Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia - taking in some of Europe's most beautiful scenery, before returning to Vienna on the 29th of June.

They will converge with a parallel rally organised by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club for a Gala at the beautiful Riva del Garda, Italy where 100 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts will stand side-by-side that evening, representing the largest gathering of its kind in history.
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