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Clear dominance from the first lap and a lights to flag cruise for a man who is inching closer and closer to a historic fourth title.

07 Oct 2013 | International News : Korea

The Korean Grand Prix was typical for the number one Red Bull - clear dominance from the first lap and a lights to flag cruise for a man who is inching closer and closer to a historic fourth title.

Massa and Perez in the other prancing horse and McLaren picked up the last two points finishing positions
It probably started at the Canadian Grand Prix, where Fernando Alonso overtook Kimi Raikkonen for second place at the championship boards when Vettel was leading with 132 points. And the triple world champion has since been slipping further and further away, grand prix after grand prix, in his quest to win his fourth successive title.

At the end of the Italian Grand Prix, Vettel already crossed the 200 point mark and was ahead of Alonso by 53 points and 60 points clear at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix. Now at the end of the Korean Grand Prix, the German in purple-blue leads the championship boards, 77 points ahead of the Spaniard in red and a massive 105 points ahead of the Finn donning gold on black.

The Korean Grand Prix was not without action with two successive safety car interventions due to tyre issues and a collision that caused a fire. Nico Rosberg's sparking front wing damage and a five car battle added another jolt of excitement to an otherwise string of boring races in the calendar.

Perez suffered a tyre delamination on his front right, which spilled debris across the track and called out the safety car for the first time. At the restart, a collision between Sutils Force India and Mark Webber's Red Bull caused the eruption of a rather large fire for the later and strangely a fire truck was deployed onto the track - in front of the trail of cars that were still racing.

If his dominance continues at the forthcoming Japanese Grand Prix, Vettel will most likely be crowned world champion - four grand prix early before the end of the season
The tyre delamination is likely blamed on a massive lock-up by the Mexican in the previous braking zone, but the deployment of the fire truck on an active race track is still a mystery.

At the second restart Vettel continued on into the distance while a more exciting battle was brewing between Hulkenberg, Hamilton and Alonso with the latter two trying to overtake the calm and composed Sauber. At one point Hamilton even radioed his team, asking for suggestions on how to pass the Sauber.

At the end of 55 incident filled laps, Vettel claimed victory and extends his lead in the drivers' championship.

However, in a post-race interview believes the battle is far from over. "I don't know how to express it but I wouldn't write the championship off. Obviously there's still more points to get and we are currently in the lead. It's a very nice position and I am very happy, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to swap but anything can happen. If there's a secret then it's that we are really enjoying what we are doing," expressed a rather 'humble' Vettel.

Hamilton on the other hand cited Alonso and himself "are of a higher calibre" than just finishing fifth and sixth. "It's strange you know? Me and Fernando in fifth and sixth at the end having our own little race, yet we are of a higher calibre than that. We should be further ahead fighting with the world champions at the front and with Sebastian. It was fun battling with Fernando but a disappointing race for us. We obviously would have liked to have finished higher," said a rather disappointed Hamilton.

The Formula One circus returns for more racing action at the Japanese Grand Prix next week.

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