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Moji King believes in using technology to bring out the best in engine oil, which helps ensure smooth and efficient running of your engine.

17 Sep 2013

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The engine is often regarded as the main component of an automobile. It provides the propulsion which gives the car its main function - mobility. It is also one of the components in the car which is subjected to high operating stress from heat, as well as wear and tear.

Engine oil plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth running of the engine, and helps reduce wear and tear between the components
Engine oil and its fundamental role

Engine oil creates a thin lubricant film on sliding metal surfaces, such as those of moving components in the drivetrain. They play a significant role in ensuring the smooth running by reducing friction between components, thereby increasing efficiency of the engine. They also act as a protective film to protect components from excessive wear and tear.

In addition, engine oil acts as a cleaning agent in engine compartments. The combustion process will leave particles within the compartments. And if the engine oil is ineffective in helping to remove these particles, they will build up and cause the engine to run less smoothly and ineffectively, resulting in poor fuel efficiency.

Poor grades of engine oil are also more vulnerable to high heat conditions. They tend to lose their lubricity qualities faster than premium grade oil, thus requiring more frequent oil changes. Consumers also run a higher risk of engine damage when they use inferior oil products, which may clog up a huge sum of repair fees.

Poor grades of engine oil tend to lose their lubricity character faster, and hence require more frequent oil changes
Hence, one can see the significance of the role played by engine oil in the daily operations of the drivetrain and the importance of choosing the right brand.

Toyomizu Petroleum - Putting technology in the veins of your drivetrain

Toyomizu Petroleum firmly believes that technology can play a huge part in bettering our lives, even in smaller particles. As such, the company has set its sight firmly on providing quality and effective products with help from extensive R&D processes, in order to bring better value to its customers.
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Moji King 5W40 King



Provides exceptional cleaning power, wears protection and overall performance.

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