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Nippon Paint Singapore has extended its expertise on paint coating to the automotive segment with a comprehensive lineup of automotive paint solutions.

08 Oct 2013

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Car lovers know how much paintwork means to their cars. There is little running away that aesthetics play a huge part in giving a good first impression, and the condition of the paintwork is one of the major determining factors.

Simple touch-ups may not cure all scratch marks, some may require panel repainting
Automotive Paint 101

The basic car paint consists of several layers of coating, starting from the primer, to the base coat and ending with a clear coat. Each of these layers plays a significant role in giving the paintwork its desirable visual properties and colour effects.

However, with constant exposure to natural weathering elements such as sunlight, heat, and rain, the car's paintwork is due to lose its shine over time. Inadequate care, such as wrong application of cleaning chemicals, may also cause the paintwork to peel and lose its shine faster.

Many motorists, hence, sought ways to retain the showroom shine in their car's paintwork, such as polishing and paint protection. But these processes can only take effect if the car’s paintwork is still repairable. 

Under circumstances where the bodywork is badly scratched or requires panel repair, a total re-spray of the new panel or even the entire bodywork may be required. 

The quality and condition of the paintwork will inherently affect the overall appeal of your car
Giving your ride a new coat of colour

The conventional method is to drive to a trusted aftermarket workshop that offers the best match to your budget. Most motorists, however, do not pay great attention to the intricacy of the brand or quality of paint applied.

But as with various other aftermarket accessories, the quality of the product can directly affect the end result of the modification and hence, the overall appeal.

Recently, Nippon Paint Singapore has ventured into the automotive paint segment with a comprehensive lineup of products. The company was best known for its architectural coating products. Local audiences will also have remembered the paint specialist for its iconic representative - the Japanese Sumo. 

Indeed, Nippon Paint has established a strong base in Singapore with its innovative range of coating products, taking up a substantial 62 percent of the local market share. Although less heard of, the company also has a strong footing in the shipping industry, particularly in the shipping and protective coating industry.
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Product Information

Nippon Paint Automotive System NAX Crystal 9905 Mirror Image Clear 2K 2:1



Excellent scratch, gasoline and chemical resistance as well as mirror image clear and lasting shine.

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