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WrapStyle, a well-known Premium Car Styling company, has started operations in Singapore to offer local motorists more quality choices in car customisation.

29 Jan 2015

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Automotive customisation has come a long way now. Besides giving the car more character, owners opt for this option to differentiate their rides from others and reflect their personal identity. While there are many ways to customise a car, one of the latest and most popular is film wrapping.

Film wrapping allows owners to choose from a wide range of colours and finishing without having to go through the tedious process of spray painting
Compared to conventional spray painting, film wrapping involves a less tedious procedure. With a myriad of colours, patterns and finishes, film wrapping also offers more options and room for creativity for car owners.

More importantly, the process is also 'reversible' and owners can opt to remove the wrap whenever they want to without having to repaint their cars.

Who is WrapStyle and what type of product/service does it offer?

WrapStyle is a renowned international brand that provides quality car styling services worldwide. The company laid its foundation in 2010, where it started in Czech Republic with just six employees. With its attention to detail and quality workmanship, the firm soon caught the attention of many car owners, and expanded within and out of the country into the rest of Europe, Middle East, and now into the South East Asia region.

To date, the company has customised more than 3,000 cars around the globe. Keen to extend its quality services to different countries, the firm has recently set up shops in Singapore and Malaysia.

What sets WrapStyle apart from its competitors?

Set to continue the comprehensive service quality of its principal, the Singapore branch offers a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes for automotive wrap films. For instance, with 3D Foil owners can achieve no fewer than six types of finishing on their paintwork, namely Gloss, Matte, Carbon, Metalised, Anodised and Brushed.

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