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Pioneer's latest multimedia receiver is the most feature-packed to date and will help to make car journeys less boring and more enjoyable for everyone on board.

02 Jul 2015

In-car entertainment has come a long way. Many systems today can play music and even video from a staggering array of sources: radio, CD, portable music players like the iPod, USB, SD cards, Bluetooth audio and more.

Hot apps such as TuneIn Radio can now be safely accessed
Smartphone compatibility is the next 'must have' for all in-car entertainment systems in this time, which is why Pioneer’s latest flagship multimedia receiver was designed around the smartphone, offering a range of features and compatibility for the ever growing list of phones.

Apple CarPlay with Pioneer

Pioneer is one of the first aftermarket car entertainment providers to support Apple CarPlay in Singapore. This innovative function is currently available for selected Pioneer models such as the newly launched flagship multimedia receiver - the AVH-X8750BT.

Especially with the recent local regulations on using a mobile device while driving, Apple CarPlay offers a smarter, safer and more fun way to use an iPhone in the car. Consumers with the latest version of iOS on their iPhone 5 or later can use Siri voice control to make and receive calls, compose and respond to text messages, access Apple Maps for navigation, as well as listen to music, podcasts, Spotify or iTunes Radio.

Singaporean consumers will also find it easier to communicate with Siri as the 'personal assistant' is now able to support 'Singlish' so sentences constructed with bits of 'Singapore English' will be better interpreted.

On the other hand, non-iPhone users will be pleased to know that the new multimedia receiver can also support Android Auto, although the system is not available in Singapore just yet. There is no cause for worry though, as users can still rely on Pioneer's dynamic AppRadioMode and AppRadioLIVE for connectivity with their smartphones.

Pioneer AVH-X8750BT

Smartphone integration has been enhanced with the AVH-X8750BT's advanced Bluetooth capability of AVRCP 1.4, which allows users to browse their media library for maximised hands-free communication and wireless audio streaming. For clearer overall sound quality for phone calls, the multimedia receiver is also equipped with HFP 1.6 with wideband audio.

Boasting compatibility with the most number of full High Definition (HD) video codecs in the market to date, users will never have to compromise on video quality
Pioneer's latest product is also the first in the industry to offer playback of files encoded as high-res FLAC up to 192kHz/24 bit. Furthermore, speakers are installed with an Auto-Time Alignment feature that ensures sound from reaches the driver's ears in perfect sync.

Impressively, a 13-band graphic equaliser allows audiophiles to tailor the mood and genre of their favourite playlists, thereby enhancing the overall music experience.

The AVH-X8750BT features a new, clear 7.0-inch WVGA touchscreen that displays vibrant colours and features increased touch sensitivity. Ease of use has also been greatly improved with the Advanced Touch slide operation feature that enables users to quickly navigate through the control menus by touching and dragging the text on the screen.

Making things even more convenient for the driver is the capability of dual camera input with guidelines for assisted parking. In addition, with the Improved Steering Wheel Control, drivers will be able to control more functions directly via the steering wheel, and also configure the buttons to rewind and even select media source.

Building on the strengths of its predecessors, Pioneer’s latest flagship multimedia receiver offers many new features that bring connectivity, convenience, and audio/video experiences to a whole new level and makes journeys less boring.

The Pioneer AVH-X8750BT Multimedia Receiver is retailing at $1,099 and it comes with a one-year warranty. It is available at all Pioneer authorised retailers.
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Pioneer AVH-X8750BT

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The flagship AVH-X8750BT Multimedia Receiver is the most feature-packed multimedia receiver ever offered by Pioneer.

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