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Mobile car groomers, Max Polish LLP have one aim and one aim only - to groom your car to a showroom shine, right at your doorstep.

24 Dec 2015

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As much as most of us would love to keep our cars spanking clean and looking like they just rolled out of the factory, we are often hampered by our busy schedules. When the weekends come around and we finally have that little bit of time to spare, spending the afternoon watching your car getting groomed might not be the ideal off day activity for most. As such, a need for mobile car grooming was created.

Cleaned carpets, seats and dashboard plastics are equally important as having an immaculate exterior shine
Mobile car grooming involve doorstep car washing and cleaning services on request. All you have to do is call and inform the service provider about your car model and needs, and they come to your residence armed with all the necessary tools for the job. These services have gotten increasingly popular in Singapore and one of the best in the business is Max Polish LLP.

Without these unsung heroes, the dirt build up on your car can act like sandpaper, wearing down and weakening the paint and can also mix with rain and other pollutants, etching the paint right off.

Who is Max Polish LLP and what are the grooming packages they offer?

Max Polish LLP was established by two car enthusiasts, Max Wu and Gabriel Tan, in 2008. Previously a sales professional at a Hyundai dealership, Max wanted a change in his career and was soon bit by the entrepreneurial bug. Max took great pride in personally grooming his previous car to such gleaming perfection that he was the go-to guy for car grooming advice from friends and colleagues.
With the saying 'choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life' in mind, Max proposed the idea to Gabriel and Max Polish was born.
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