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Brothers Zack and Dave, and sister Fion Ng, manage D Motorwerkz - an honest-to-goodness car workshop in the business of solving your problems when no one will.

14 Dec 2016

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Whether your car needs major servicing or a quick tyre change, D Motorwerkz has all the equipment to get the job or jobs done. Not one to shy away from tedious detecting work, its not a surprise that it is one of the busiest workshops in the building. Despite that, its technicians will still try their best to explain repair phases and give you choices.

Continental cars like BMW and Audi are welcomed here
Who is D Motorwerkz and what services does it offer?

D Motorwerkz started out as a workshop in 2011 that serviced a fleet of commercial vehicles. Four years later, it opened its doors to include repair and maintenance services for made-in-Japan passenger cars. Continental ones from the likes of BMW and Audi followed suit.

In 2013, D Motorwerkz extended its range of services by including spray painting and bodywork to its list of expertise.

Most recently, a unit filled with, and dedicated to tyres and wheel alignment was opened to further cover all aspects of motoring. From removing faulty aftermarket car alarms to full engine overhauls, D Motorwerkz has a nose for diagnosing car problems and fixing them. This family-run workshop prides itself as a one-stop solution to whatever your car requires.

Looking for new tyres? D Motorwerkz has 600 of them stocked
What are some of the advantages of taking your car to D Motorwerkz?

Ever find yourself in a situation where your mechanic tells you that you'll have to wait a week before a certain car part arrives? Well, it's quite unlikely that that'll happen here, as D Motorwerkz stocks thousands of parts and components in its inventory, for almost every make and model.

Not one to settle for less, D Motorwerkz's tyre shop has about 600 different tyres of all sizes. So technically, if you had a Hummer that needed a tyre replacement, it'll fit right in here.

While you wait, either one of the two brothers-in-charge will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about your car if they're available. As communication is so important to them, they believe in keeping their customers informed every step of the way.
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280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-03/ 04/ 11 Harvest @ Woodlands S(757322) (map)

Opening Hours


9am - 10pm (Mon - Sat) 9am - 6pm (Sun)



67347260 / 82004239 / 81260203

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