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We suss out five picture perfect locations with the iconic Volkswagen Beetle for those who are in the mood for their wedding photo shoot.

16 Mar 2017

A marriage happens once in a lifetime, if you're lucky. So what do most people do when something life-changing and momentous happens? They take pictures. Back in the day and presently in some parts of the world, having a horse-drawn carriage is one way to make a wedding photo more memorable. However, as those are quite rare, a lot of couples have resorted to the modern automobile.

In this instance, loving couple Jack and Joy decided that they wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot with something iconic, a car steeped in history, and one that exudes timeless charm and appeal. They wanted the Volkswagen Beetle. So, when they heard about the wedding rental programme currently offered by Volkswagen Singapore, they jumped at the chance to celebrate their journey of romance with not one, but two weddings cars - the Beetle, and the Beetle Cabriolet.

Whether with the roof up or down, the Beetle's classic design makes the car an instantly recognisable one
1. Not one but two @ HortPark

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the oldest nameplates in automotive history still used today. The Herbie the Love Bug series was a big hit for Disney in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Also steeped in history and one of the best stops in Singapore to enjoy panoramic views of the city, harbour and Southern Islands is HortPark. It is a relatively underrated tourist hotspot and photographers love coming here because it looks nothing like Singapore.

Within HortPark, there are a number of nice big parking lots surrounded by climbing plants that form natural frames to compose photos.

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, Singapore (119578A)

The original VW Beetle has a unique place in popular culture
2. Something old, something new @ Gillman Barracks

For something a little more au courant, Gillman Barracks is a beautifully restored military quarters that currently attracts hordes of art lovers.

The once military base is now a cluster of contemporary galleries surrounded in lush greenery, which makes it hard to believe that the bustling city lies just a few twists and turns away.

Like HortPark, there are several areas in Gillman Barracks, including a very large carpark, which can be ideal for a photo shoot involving cars.
Both the Beetle and Beetle Cabriolet look right at home here as both vehicles tout stylish exterior design and unique 'Beetle' looks.

Address: 9 Lock Road, Singapore (108937)

The Beetle Cabriolet is perfect for sunny go-to-the-beach days or a Hawaiian-themed pre-wedding photo shoot
3. Winds of change @ Changi Beach

If you love the sand and sea, nothing beats having your pre-wedding photographs taken alongside a romantic sunset by the beach.

Changi stretches from Kampong Kembangan to Telok Paku on the eastern extremity of Singapore. It became known as Changi in the early 19th century. Back to the present, it is considered a hot spot by foodies for its famous Changi Village nasi lemak.

Lucky for us, this area has roads that run along the coastline. Because a lot of people also enjoy coming here for walks on the beach or to watch planes land and take-off, there are ample carpark lots during non-peak hours. However, not all the carparks come with the perfect backdrop. Thankfully, the Changi Beach Carpark 4 does. Look for bus stop number 95071 along Nicoll Drive, as you turn into the smallish carpark for a big picturesque reward.

Address: Nicoll Drive, Singapore (498991)

Fort Canning Hill is one of Singapore's most notable landmarks
4. Till the end of time @ Fort Canning Hill

For one of the most important events in your lifetime, the Beetle and the Beetle Cabriolet are icons that will stand the test of time even when you look back when you're old and grey. 

Much like the Beetle, Fort Canning Hill has a distinctive charm of rich heritage, dripping with history. Its wide-open spaces coupled with rustic structures have always been a popular choice for photo shoots and one that would never go out of vogue. 

Line up your Beetle along the gothic-looking gate that marks the entrance into the park and snap away.

Address: River Valley Road, Singapore (179037)

Other than serving as the perfect backdrop for a pre-wedding photos, the Tamarind Hill Restaurant also caters to weddings
5. Lasting memories @ Labrador Nature Reserve

Our last spot is also one of the most quiet. An artillery garrison during World Ward II, it has now been converted into the Labrador Nature Reserve. Located in Singapore's central region, it occasionally hosts family-friendly events like daytime drinking party 'Sundays at the Training Shed'.

Nestled atop the forested Labrador Nature Reserve is the Tamarind Hill Restaurant, which serves traditional and contemporary Siamese cuisine in a stand-alone historic colonial bungalow amid a vastly green surrounding.

It served as tranquil and calming spot for our loving couple's last pre-wedding shoot location, and one that might inspire your best man or woman to follow suit.

Address: Labrador Villa Road, Singapore (119187)

If you'd like to find out more about Volkswagen's wedding car rental programme, please visit
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