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Significant savings, great mileage and enjoyable driving. Take advantage of rebates before car prices rise in 2018.

22 May 2017

Higher prices for both petrol and diesel vehicles are expected from January 2018 because of the new, stricter Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES). If you intend to get a vehicle before that, this year is your last chance to enjoy the substantial rebate on diesel cars from the current Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS). That is on top of the long-term cost savings, fuel efficiency and great torque that diesel engines deliver.

One of the benefits of driving a diesel-powered BMW is the greater distance per litre that you get, making it highly practical
Diesel could go as far as cutting your fuel cost by up to 50 percent

The cost of diesel is typically at least 30 percent or $0.60 cheaper than petrol, meaning a 50-litre diesel tank could save you $30 at the fuel pump. Diesel is also energy-dense, producing more energy and resulting in more distance travelled per litre for greater fuel economy.
Considering its lower fuel cost and greater distance per litre, a diesel car could cover up to twice the distance with each dollar spent on fuel, potentially cutting your annual fuel expenditure by as much as half. 

Powerful and practical diesel choices for every lifestyle

Diesel cars provide more torque at lower RPMs, delivering more punch off the line without having to rev the engine too much. They are enjoyable to drive, thanks to advanced engineering and efforts by automakers who optimise this viable, but somewhat overlooked fuel option.

Diesel-powered BMW models are powerful and practical for Singapore's driving conditions. You can choose from the fun-loving BMW 116d, versatile BMW 216d Active Tourer, seven-seater BMW 216d Gran Tourer, adventure-seeking BMW X5 xDrive25d and the newly launched business athlete, the BMW 520d Luxury.

Their BMW Twinpower Turbo Diesel Engines are refined to run smoothly, defying conventional perceptions of diesel engines. Sales of diesel-powered BMW models have been steadily increasing over the past 10 years in Singapore, where 1,769 were registered in 2016 alone (according to figures from the Land Transport Authority).

The 216d Gran Tourer seven-seater has become an increasingly common sight on our roads, due to its combination of space, practicalty and fuel efficiency
To date, Performance Motors has put over 3,000 diesel vehicles on Singapore's roads, much to the delight of diesel fans who revel in the cost savings and the extra boost when lights turn green. Furthermore, as an authorised dealer who is readily-equipped, owners of diesel-powered BMW models can be assured of exceptional aftersales services by a team of knowledgeable staff and professionally-trained technicians.

Begin miles of enjoyment by taking action now

For those who love driving up north, trust a fully-occupied seven-seater BMW 216d Gran Tourer to generate the torque to advance smoothly with little resistance between eateries, malls and theme parks. The rear-wheel drive BMW 116d is also great for reaching Kuala Lumpur and back on just one tank.

Diesel's benefits may actually suit your driving habits and you have until the end of 2017 to take advantage of the existing CEVS rebates. Purchasing a new diesel-powered BMW model now means you will not be affected by higher VES taxes next year.

Besides enjoying the perks that diesel offers, Performance Motors is also known to elevate your driving experience with exclusive by-invite-only events like the upcoming driveaway, Escape the City with BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, to Port Dickson in June 2017.

For a start, speak to a BMW Genius to find out more. Visit Performance Motors or call 6319 0100 today.

Alternatively, click here to enquire more information. 

Enjoy years of sheer driving pleasure, all because you opted for diesel at the right time.

Drive home a diesel-powered BMW today.

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