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The BlackVue Cellink B battery is an advanced power solution for your in-car camera, allowing it to be powered in parking mode throughout the night.

04 Aug 2017

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With the last year's spate of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, batteries have been quite the hot topic. The truth is, with our increasingly gadget-dependent reality, batteries are an essential part of our daily lives. Pluck anyone off the street and the person is likely carrying a couple of batteries - your phone has one, your iPad another, and there's probably an additional external battery pack to sustain your Mobile Legend operations.

BlackVue's Cellink B battery is designed to keep your BlackVue dashcam running in parking mode for long hours
When it comes to cars, we all know that every vehicle has a battery, and along with the alternator, it is tasked to power a variety of components. Nowadays, there are even more devices that need powering, including in-car cameras, also known as dashcams. 

BlackVue Cellink B battery

You might be wondering, "I already have an in-car camera connected up to my cigarette lighter socket in the car, why would I need yet another battery?" While on the move, this is indeed unnecessary; the car's battery is charged while the engine is running and as the car is on the move, providing sufficient juice for the various electrical components in the car.

However, once you park your car and switch off the engine, the battery no longer charges. Many people want to keep their cameras on (in parking mode) as a kind of insurance policy, to be an eyewitness in case something happens to the car while parked. Powering dashcams in parking mode can be a challenge. While the car's battery will have enough capacity, it is not designed for routine deep discharge cycles, which will happen as the dashcam drains power throughout the night, and this can lead to increased wear and tear and subsequently a shortened life.

Now, BlackVue is offering a mobile solution called Cellink B battery. It is a simple device, much like an external battery pack that we carry in our bags to power our rapidly depleting handphones, designed to keep your BlackVue dashcam running in parking mode for long hours.
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Product Information

BlackVue Cellink B



Car Accessories



Built with the safest battery technology using LiFePO4 which keeps your BlackVue dashcam running for long hours in parking mode with 45 minutes of charging.

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