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With the South East Asian debut of the Concept EQ, Mercedes-Benz shows us five ways in which it is embracing the future of mobility.

15 May 2018

The Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ recently made its South East Asian debut in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing us with a glimpse into the German marque's vision for the future of mobility. 'EQ', which stands for Electric Intelligence, is the brand's new division for electric mobility. With a strong focus on customer-oriented electric mobility, the EQ brand offers a comprehensive ecosystem of products, services, technologies and innovations.

The Concept EQ's steering wheel says goodbye to tactile buttons and replaces them with touch-sensitive controls
As Dr. Claus Weidner, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, puts it, "We are boldly flipping the switch, creating tomorrow today by developing the needs for the coming mobility landscape." With that in mind, here are five ways that Mercedes-Benz is embracing the future of mobility with the Concept EQ.

1. Modular electric-vehicle architecture

Mercedes' new generation of electric vehicles will employ the brand's new architecture developed specifically for its battery-electric models. Thanks to a modular building-block system, it is highly scalable and useable for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), sedans, coupes, as well as other bodystyles, making it the optimal platform to meet the requirements of a future-oriented battery-electric model family. On top of that, a combination of steel, aluminium and carbon fibre ensures the platform's lightweight design, strength and cost efficiency.

2. More power, more range, faster charging

Two electric motors, situated on the front and rear axles, power the Concept EQ. Together, they put out 300kW and 700Nm of torque, and propel the electric SUV from 0-100km/h in under five seconds. Wringing this high-level performance together is an electric all-wheel drive system with axle-variable torque distribution and highly-efficient, modular lithium-ion batteries boasting a total capacity of over 70kWh and serving up a driving range of 500km.

Thanks to a Combined Charging System, Mercedes has developed an electric vehicle with the potential to be charged at a capacity of up to 300kW. Though not available at present, the European charging standard would, in theory, allow for the Concept EQ to be charged sufficiently to provide a range of 100km within five minutes.

The only memorabilia the Concept EQ retains are the electric seat adjustment controls located on its doors
By employing the latest in charging technologies, Mercedes has also equipped the Concept EQ with induction, on top of wallbox, charging capabilities. Couple that with household solar-powered systems and you get a truly 'green' car worthy of the ushering in the age of the 'electric-mobile'.

3. Customisable user interface

Taking centre stage inside is a 24-inch high-definition wide screen, which displays information such as speed, range, driving data, as well as navigational information. Highly customisable, the display allows for the driver to switch between minimalistic and more information-dense views at will.

The cabin does away with traditional knobs and switches save for electric seat adjustment controls. Both the centre console and steering wheel come equipped with touch-sensitive controls, which allow for the adjustment of climate control functions and various other menus. Even the door openers and electric window lifters are controlled by touch.

Colours on the instrument display change depending on the driving mode selected and charging process. The user interface also focuses on optimal driver assistance, which provides feedback on the driver's driving style and energy saving possibilities, among other things.

4. Car-to-X communication technology

With the help of maps from its partner - HERE - the Concept EQ's systems are able to determine the precise curve radii, as well as the position and size of a roundabout. This allows the SUV to automatically adjust its speed and driving dynamics for a more comfortable ride.

Stripping away the non-essential, HERE's 3D maps only display buildings and landmarks relevant to navigation while the car is on the move
Equipped with Car-to-X technology, the Concept EQ is able to perform a data exchange with city infrastructure and other vehicles to prevent collisions and inform the driver of nearby recharging opportunities. The system will advise the driver on available charging options nearby once it discovers that it does not have enough power to arrive at its intended destination.

5. Intuitive 3D real time maps

Working in tandem with the car's Car-to-X system, HERE's navigation platform enables the Concept EQ to display highly detailed 3D maps in real time. The main focus of this technology lies in the minimalist nature of the map while the vehicle is in motion. This means only buildings and landmarks essential for navigation are displayed while others simply fade into the background. The display also indicates the vehicle's current consumption along the way.

These are but a taste of what electric vehicles of the future have to offer, and if the present is any indicator, as is the case with the Concept EQ, we're not afraid to say that we can't wait to see what carmakers come up with next.
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