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Text | Desmond Chan
Photos | Low Fai Ming

5th June 2018
The MCF Hangout with Volkswagen gave MCF members an opportunity to check out the new generation Golf family, along with the rest of the VW lineup.

Last Thursday, more than 70 MyCarForum (MCF) members attended the MCF Hangout with Volkswagen, held at the Volkswagen showroom at Alexandra Road. The highlight of the event was the VW Golf, the brand's best-selling hatchback model.
Volkswagen Centre Singapore Volkswagen Centre Singapore 2
The VW Golf has a long and storied legacy, spanning 44 years and over 33 million cars sold. During the event, guests got up close and personal with the new generation model - both the 1.0 TSI variant, as well as the newly introduced 1.4 Highline variant. Of course, the Golf GTI and Golf R were also on hand in the showroom, offering guests the opportunity to see the complete range of the Golf family.
new Golf
new Golf 2
The new Golf 1.4 Highline features a wealth of equipment as standard, including the Active Info Display, Blind Spot Sensor, a large 9.2-inch infotainment display unit, App-Connect for you to easily pair your smartphone, navigation, and a sunroof. These are all standout features in the hatchback class.
Senior Automotive Journalist
Senior Automotive Journalist 2
sgCarMart Senior Automotive Journalist Desmond Chan also gave a short presentation on how he perceives the Golf to be the archetypal family hatchback, one that has developed a template from which many other hatchbacks have derived from. Through numerous years and multiple generations of innovation and improvement, the Golf has become a template of success for the German brand.
Blue Golf Blue Golf 2
Compared to the other hatchbacks in the class and their tangible measurements, the Golf proves to be an all-rounder, offering the kind of utility every family hatchback needs to deliver - excellent boot space, ample torque, punchy acceleration all whilst being keenly priced.

During the event, there was also a sharing on two other VW value added products as well - the Diamondbrite paint protection package, as well as the Bluetooth Power Pedal.
revitalisation and protection
revitalisation and protection 2
VW offers customers a paint revitalisation and protection package, which helps to make the vehicle look as good as new. After repairing and repainting any small dents and scratches on the exterior panels, high-tech Diamondbrite nano sealant is applied onto the entire car. This gives the paintwork an extra shine, as well as providing protection against UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain and dust.
New Arteon New Arteon 2
The Bluetooth Power Pedal is a device that offers drivers extra punch on the go without mechanically altering the vehicle. This is especially useful for cars with engines that are of a small capacity. Controlled via a mobile phone application, the Power Pedal offers three booster modes - Dynamic, Sport and Race - that can be adjusted in real-time while on the road.
Golf GTI Golf GTI 2
Throughout the evening, guests also got the opportunity to test drive the rest of the VW range, with models including the Tiguan and the new Arteon.

Of course, no event is complete without some lucky winners walking home with prizes, and this MCF Hangout was no different. The grand prize of the night was a three-day test drive in the Golf GTI, a hot hatch of impeccable heritage and outstanding dynamism.
lucky winners
lucky winners 2