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Packing a perky and efficient 1.0-litre engine, the new Volkswagen Golf TSI remains a little gem of a hatchback that boasts all-around usability.

22 Nov 2017

The Volkswagen Golf is an iconic hatchback, with a hallowed four-decade history and over 33 million units sold to date. Some may argue it is the iconic hatchback.

Over seven generations, the Golf has consistently been a practical, usable, fun and lovable hatchback. Now, there's a new one. Well, 'new'. This is technically a facelifted model, unofficially dubbed the Golf 'Mk 7.5'.

The updated Golf is available in a stunning Peacock Green Metallic paintwork

It may not look radically different, and that's because it isn't. Rather, it's an evolutionary step forward with the focus on refining all the details that the Golf excels in. The big news with this particular one is what's now available under the bonnet - a 1.0-litre TSI engine.

Tiny but punchy

We get it, many people will balk at the thought of a puny 999cc engine powering this iconic hatchback. But in the pursuit for greater efficiency and lower emissions, it's no surprise that VW has joined the three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0-litre engine party, going against the likes of the Ford Focus as well as the Opel Astra.

The turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine produces 108bhp and 200Nm of torque

It's a pretty good engine - punchy, easy to use, and in Singapore, you'll never be going fast enough to feel the lack of displacement. So quite simply, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. And compared to the 1.2-litre lump that previously represented the base engine in the lineup, this 1.0-litre engine offers the same amounts of power (108bhp), but 25Nm more torque (up to 200Nm now). 

The Golf also comes equipped with a new seven-speed DSG gearbox, which is now geared shorter so that it shifts up quite quickly for the sake of increased efficiency.

The biggest issue is probably the noise at low revs. The engine emits a noticeable low droning rattle under 2,000rpm. Is it deal breaking? No, not at all. It's not an issue unique to the Golf, but rather a characteristic of three-cylinder engines and their mechanically unbalanced nature.

As you'd expect from a Golf, the car is easy to drive and rides comfortably. The car's handling is also characteristically sharp. The Golf is also more efficient - you can realistically expect to return about 16km/L in real-world driving conditions. 

Easy and cosy

Other than that, the Golf is pretty straightforward. This is the entry model, and it does feel that way. You don't get a whole lot in the way of luxuries. You still have to insert and turn a key to start the car, there are manual air-con controls, and you don't get a parking camera. You do get an electronic parking brake and auto hold function though, which is quite handy.

The Golf comes with an electronic parking brake and auto hold as standard

However, don't mistake basic for cheap. Even in its basic trim, the Golf is a pleasant car to be in and it's entirely easy to live with. The updated infotainment system is still effortlessly easy to use. The seats are also very comfortable, and the driving position is expectedly excellent.

Visually, the updated Golf gets some light updates on the exterior as well. The bumpers have been lightly redesigned, and the Golf comes standard with LED daytime running lights and taillights.

The Golf 1.0 TSI is easy to use and easy to live with, ticking all the boxes for a sensible, practical and affordable hatchback

Everyday sensibility

There's a reason that the Golf is such an iconic and popular hatchback. And with this 'Mk 7.5' model, VW has thankfully not messed around with a proven formula. Yes, it may be simple, but this TSI variant retains all the charm, usability and practicality of the Golf, but with the added benefit of increased efficiency, lower price and lower running costs. What's not to like? 
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Car Information



: -

Engine Type


3-cylinder 12-valve TSI Turbocharged

Engine Cap





81kW (109 bhp) / 5500 rpm



200 Nm / 3500 rpm



7-speed (A) DSG

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)



Top Speed



Fuel consumption


20 km/L

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