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We meet up with New Age Polish to find out more about STEK Paint Protection Films, which provide exceptional paint protection benefits.

14 Aug 2018

We've all heard about paint protection, ranging from the usual wax and polish, to higher-end products such as ceramic coatings. Many are offering a range of services in regards to car paint protection, and more products are helping the glossy look to last longer, with lesser maintenance.

New Age Polish is the authorised distributor of STEK Paint Protections Films in Singapore
They all do the same thing - protect your paint to a certain extent, as well as giving the car that high-gloss finish with water beading properties. But what if you're looking for all of the aforementioned benefits, but with something much tougher?

With that in mind, we went to check out STEK Paint Protection Films, dealt exclusively by New Age Polish, the authorised distributor for STEK here in Singapore.

New Age Polish started out as a mobile groomer and it was a one man show by founder, Gabriel Chia. Since 2015, New Age Polish has found a home in Yishun, and provides the usual wash, as well grooming packages, with a focus on Paint Protection Systems (PPS) such as ceramic coatings. Following that, the company upped the ante by providing STEK paint protection films.

What's so special about these films?

Before applying the film, the car will go through a full wash first, to remove any contaminents on the paint
Noted for its high gloss, self-healing, anti-yellowing and puncture-resistant properties, STEK provides all the look and shine of a wax or ceramic coat, as well as the benefits of having a film layer to protect your car's paint.

Usually, most films in the market only provide one type of protection, such as against stone chips. STEK paint protection films are the first in the market to have a high gloss finish look, which makes the car look like it just had a good wax job. It even has water beading properties, too.

This paint protection option is great if you're looking for something tougher, especially if you use your vehicle often in sandy areas where stone chips are a common occurrence, or if your car is always exposed to the elements, such as sitting in the sun and rain, and also bird droppings and tree sap.

Impressively, New Age Polish is expanding to give its customers customisation options alongside with paint protection, too.

New Age Polish offers the full range of protection films from STEK, giving more options for customisation
What types of film do they have?

It doesn't just have the usual transparent paint protection films from STEK, which is called DYNOshield. New Age Polish offers the full range of protection films from STEK, allowing you to customise to your liking. Ranging from DYNOprism, to give your car paint a simulated glitter finish, the satin-finished DYNOmatt, as well as DYNOcarbon are also available to give some bits of your car that carbon fibre finish.

New Age Polish has a dedicated team who will custom cut the films to fit perfectly on your car. Unlike other films in the market, which can be easily spotted on a car, especially when the films start to yellow and peel, the STEK films retain their integrity throughout the years.

To prove this, New Age Polish also offers a 10-year warranty on the STEK range of films, which includes any bubbling, cracking, peeling or yellowing. With this level of confidence, you can rest assured that Gabriel and his team will take care of your ride. 

The STEK Advance Package, which covers the front portion of the car, is the most basic form of protection
What happens if I scratch them?

One interesting thing that the films provide is self-healing. If the films are scratched or are hit with stone chips to a certain extent, the marks will heal on their own when heat is applied over them.

They offer three different packages, from the STEK Advance Package, which covers the front portion of the car, to the STEK Extreme Plus Package, which covers all the exterior parts of the car.

You can also have it customised, if you just want specific parts of the car to have the film applied. Aside from paint protection films and detailing services, New Age Polish also offers vinyl wrapping services, allowing customers to customise their rides even more.

New Age Polish is giving out a 10.2-inch Android tablet free if you engage them for a STEK Paint Protection Package, while stocks last.

You can find New Age Polish at 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-112 North Spring Biz Hub, Singapore (768089). It is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm and closed on Wednesdays. Check out their website and Facebook page here.
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